Individualized Passion Test

Individualized Passion Test

Take the Passion Test With Coach CeCe On the Phone

The Passion TestYou can take the Passion Test in a very personalized way with a helpful and supportive coach right on the phone.  You’ll get crystal clear about your top five passions—what’s most important to you in different areas of your life. And we’ll assist you to begin questioning beliefs that may interfere with living your passions fully. Then we’ll help you clear them and replace them with supportive beliefs and habits of thought that pave the way for inspired action.

The benefits of clarity are that once you get clear, and only when you get clear, the things you say you want to do, be, or have begin to show up in your life—in ways you may have never dreamed. And once you realize that even the oldest habits of thought or beliefs no longer have a claim on your attention and energy, you are truly free to make different choices that lead to a passion-filled life!

Here’s how it works:

Call us at 509-422-0271 or email and we will set up a time that is convenient for you. We’ll schedule two sessions, each 60-90 minutes in length. You’ll be given specific information about how to prepare for taking The Passion Test before the first call. You will take the actual test with us in the first session and in the second complete the Passion Test process leading you to living a more passion-filled life immediately.

Should you choose to take advantage of further coaching support, we’ll discuss the different opportunities and ways in which we team up with you to help them make your dreams and passions real.

Begin living your Passion Filled Life!
$300 (includes both Passion Test sessions)

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