Ignite the Passion

Ignite the Passion

“You will never feel truly passionate about something you do not have the ability to create in your life.” ~Chris Attwood and Janet Bray Attwood

The key to success is not about jumping on the latest, greatest idea you read about or trying to make a quick buck. It’s about knowing yourself so completely that you can identify a work fit that you find enjoyable, rewarding and profitable.
Passion is the foundation of success!

When you stay true to your passions and unique God-given talents you never work!

The question is how to get clear about your own passions and attract a team to drive these passions?

Every individual, business or organization has a unique purpose. Passion is what leads you to fulfill that purpose. As a business owner or leader your challenge is to identify and attract people whose passions are aligned with your own purpose and passions. That’s the value of the Ignite the Passion program. It was designed specifically for businesses or organizations with 100 employees or less.

The Passion Test has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world discover their passions and begin living a passionate life. Now, The Passion Test for Business brings this powerful tool to businesses and organizations to break the molds and enjoys out-of-the-box success.

Ignited Group

What I do

  • First step is to work with the owners, directors or leaders to clearly define their personal passions
  • Next a process to discover your top work passions and unique contribution
  • Then we meet with your team to develop a action plan; train on how to use this plan to make all decisions


  • Alignment between business passions, unique contribution and action plan provides clear direction
  • Applying the proven process for identifying the passions provides the clarity needed to make decisions
  • A business or organization based on passion is fun, productive and attracts others
  • Culture Action Plan provides clear, defined steps with responsibilities to ensure accountability of implementation
  • Trainings are fun, and personally rewarding for everyone

For those interested in going a little deeper and also discovering the work passions of their employees, go to Engage the Passion.

“If I could do Zappos all over again, I would (roll out core values) from day one!”

~Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos.com

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