Passion Test for Business®

The Passion Test

for Business


The Passion Test is a tool that has been changing lives and is now changing business!

Do you make your core values a part of day-to-day decision-making?

Do you inspire your employees to be committed to your purpose and to be passionate about delivering value to your customers and clients?

Do you maximize your productivity, retention and ability to innovate?

Businesses using the Passion Test see ………..


Productivity Increase ________ Higher Quality Work
More Employee Engagement ________ Trust and Reputation
Taking Ownership ________ Motivation
Higher Performance ________ Profitability
  • On a scale of 1-10, how successful would you rate your business?
  • How would your employees rate it?
  • Are your employees engaged?

What I will do for you

This is something that will not only benefit your business, but you personally. I assist in making your company’s unique value and core passions a living, breathing, vibrant part of your everyday experience. I assist you in identifying your company mission, unique contribution and passions.

We can also identify employee core passions and then align them with the company’s unique contribution and passions. I have 3 Levels of customized programs geared toward any size business.

What works the best for you

Ignite the Passion Geared toward small business and teams. Empower your team to take ownership in your company’s core passions.
Click here for more details about Ignite the Passion.

Engage the Passion This program is geared toward any size business that needs assistance in clarifying how they express their unique value proposition and the company core passions.
Click here for more details about Engage the Passion.

Drive the Passion This program is our premier program for large organizations with a focus on integration and measured results.
Click here for more details about Drive the Passion.

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